All We Can Do Is Pray

All We Can Do Is Pray

Morgan Hill on 6th Aug 2020

Confession; The Lord recently corrected me on something and humbled me all in one. I use this phrase a lot "Well, all we can do now is pray." I don't think it's a bad saying and I don't think less of you if you say it, however, the Lord convicted me over HOW I said it. I was in a conversation with my husband about a situation that we couldn't see the outcome. Like so many things in life the outcomes varied and not all of them were good. We talked over the situation and everything we had done and were doing to which I responded "Well, all we can do now is pray." Like, we have done everything we could and now as a last effort, like throwing a penny in a wishing well, let’s see what prayer can do. As if its some kind of weak, useless option. After I said it, and this is something I've said for a long time, it was like the Holy Spirit just said "why do you say it like that?" It caught me off guard and once he revealed these things to me I was ashamed. How could I have so little faith? He then took me to Luke 8:40.

I imagine the same attitude I had about my situation was the same attitude of those in the house of Jairus. He was a leader in the church who knew who Jesus was and he knew he was coming to town. So, as his daughter lay dying I can imagine the wailing and the crying inside his house and I can also imagine the desperation they felt. There must have been a conversation of some sort, something like "Jesus is coming and this is our last hope." So as a last-ditch effort to save his daughter he runs into town to find Jesus with the hope that He will get there in time and the hope that Jesus can do something. He makes his way through the crowd and falls at the feet of Jesus. At the same time, a woman with a bleeding condition hears about this guy Jesus and all the fuss surrounding him coming to town and she wastes no time at all. No one had been able to heal her and the moment she found out who He was the Bible says she went straightaway to Him. She fought through the crowd of people on mission with the expectation that He was her healing. She expected to have her miracle at that moment. She had so much faith that she believed that if she could only touch the hem of His garment, she would be healed. As she expected, she was healed. Then a servant reaches Jairus and tells him not to bother Jesus, his daughter is dead. I can only imagine the brokenness that Jairus felt. He had failed to get to Jesus in time. Jesus tells him not to be afraid and take him to the girl. Once there, He sends everyone out because they are wailing and crying. They even laughed at Jesus because He said she wasn't dead but only sleeping so Jesus removes them from the situation. He then looks at the girl and tells her to get up and wouldn't you know it, she is healed! The Bible says her parents were astonished.

There is a difference between coming to God with the hope of something happening and coming to God with the expectation of something happen. When we come into the presence of God with an expectation for him to move in His power the Holy Spirit responds in power. We cannot come into the throne room of God and out faith Him. Unlike Jairus and his wife, the women with the issue of blood wasn't astonished that she was healed. She had expected it, therefore when His power moved she was ready to receive it.

So if you need a miracle 1. you send the people out of your life who don't believe there is hope for you. They have no room to speak lies and disbelief into your life and they don't get the privilege of witnessing the miracle happen. They can hear about it later like everyone else. 2. Prayer is your lifeline. Prayer allows you to enter into the presence of God. It pushes past everything that crowds up your life to get to Jesus. This should be your first, not your last option. 3. you enter into His presence with thanksgiving and expectation. When you come into his presence with expectation you also come in a spirit of thanksgiving because you can praise Him for the things that He has done for you in your life. I can assure you if He never does another thing for me, He has done more than I deserve. But our God isn't a God of just enough so I can praise for the things that haven't yet come to pass; the battles that have yet to be won. I can praise in the middle of the storm because I know victory is coming. No matter when the miracle happens, He is never late so you praise Him with a grateful heart now. Even when the servant said, its too late, He wasn't late. But rather the stage was set for an even greater miracle than what Jairus was hoping for.

I pray over you today, I pray His spirit brings a fresh wind over you. Whatever you face today, face with thanksgiving and expectation because when you expect Him to move in His power, He responds in power never late, but in His perfect timing.