What Does My Walk Say?

What Does My Walk Say?

Morgan Hill on 19th Aug 2020

I had a conversation with a friend in college years ago that has always stuck with me. We were talking about our beliefs and why we believe what we believe and he laughed, looked at me, and said "Yeah, I'm a Christian but I'm one of those people that you would never know I was a Christian unless I told I was." He meant that he lived his life no different than anyone else around him to the point that you would have to ask him if he was a Christian. You wouldn't know by the way that he lived, walked, and talked that he followed Jesus. At the time I was so floored that he was open about that, but now, as a full-grown adult, I have a lot of respect for his honesty and self-awareness. I was thinking about this statement the other day and wondering about myself. How honest am I really about how I walk on a daily bases. I can say with my mouth all day long that I'm a Christian but what does my walk say? If I never had an opportunity to tell another person I was a Christian, would they simply know from the way I live my life? Would they know I was different? So as I am asking myself these things the Lord took me to Genesis 32.

So, in Genesis 32 Jacob and his family are traveling and he sends his family and belongings ahead to cross the ford of Jabbok. This leaves him alone and he begins to wrestle with a man we later learn is an Angel. While they are wrestling, and it says they wrestle until morning, the man touches Jacob’s hip and it pretty much pops out of place. Then the man tells Jacob, Let go but Jacob replies he won't let go until God blesses him. It’s there that God changes Jacob's name to Israel and then blesses him. Once its all said and done Jacob goes on his way but he forever walks with a limp from his encounter.

Here is what I learned. 1. In order to have a life-changing experience, you have to get alone with God. I am the world’s worst somedays at time management. There just isn't enough time in a day it seems to fit in everything that I want. But there can be no growth, no change, no encounter with God unless we get alone with Him. He wants a real relationship with us so getting alone with Him creates that. Later in the Bible, the Israelites never wanted that relationship with God but they sure wanted the blessings. Those that only burp on the blessings will never sustain when trouble comes. 2. We have to stop fighting God on His plan in order to receive the blessings He has for us. I can't count how many times God has changed the direction of my life and I rarely go along without kicking and screaming. usually, because the blessing doesn't come wrapped the way that I want it. However, better for me, I have trouble seeing past my own wants in the moment to see His plan. So often I fail to remember that growth and change are sometimes painful and are more about letting go than hanging on. Like a child, I throw a fit and act totally ridiculous making the process way harder than it needs to be. Only once I truly submit to God's will does He bring the blessings. Its a horribly humbling experience, trust me and like Jacob, we grow. We go from what the world calls us, our mistakes or sins, to being called by what God calls us. God changed Jacob's name to Israel which in short means overcomer. So now we are called by our potential, not by our sin. 3. Last but not least, when we truly have an encounter with God we should walk differently. Jacob walked with a limp for the rest of his life from his encounter with God. Jacob never had to tell a soul he had a life-changing experience, they could see in the way he walked. If I have truly had a life-changing experience with God my walk will reflect that. How I live my life day in and day out will be a physical representation of my relationship with God, in public or private.

We live in a world where to fit in or to be accepted we have to do this or look like that but the truth of the matter is, that limp probably kept Jacob out of a lot of circles. I can imagine he was made fun of and even left out because he was different. He even might have felt isolated at times because others around him didn't understand why he walked differently. Therefore when I'm feeling like I don't fit in, I truthfully don't and I have to be okay with that. I’ve had an encounter with God and I’ll never be the same, so when you feel tempted to change the way you walk or hide who you are in Christ because the world doesn't affirm you, remember Jacob. Remember the world will reject you for your difference and call you by your sin all on the same token but God calls you by your potential and pours favor over your difference and uses it to bring hope and healing to those around you. I pray the presence of God is so strong in your life that you never have to utter a word about your Christianity but that He gives you the strength to witness when called upon. I pray that the encounters we have with God leave us totally and utterly unrecognizable dripping in his love. I’m Praying peace and courage over you today to face whatever situation God has called you to. 

Picture by CoHo Creative